11 Things You Need to Know About Trees Right Now


 The energy is palpable. Sky will be interrupted, even blocked, by masses of green that will last until fall. This time of year is exhilarating. Every time I walk outside, birds sing it, insects hum it, flowers dance it. From mighty oak to graceful maple, something exciting is going on and everybody knows it. Sap is rising. Buds are breaking. Leaves are unfurling. Here come the Trees!
I’m off on woodland adventure to one of the trees I appreciate for her willingness to listen, and once in a while, to sing in response. Stretching my arms around her immense girth, I feel a pulse rise through her roots and up through my feet. I thrum back pulses of my own. An energizing reciprocity. I highly recommend tree-hugging. The more hugs, the merrier.
To Trees–some of Earth’s wisest, most generous beings–thank you. Happy Earth Day!!

 11 Things to Know About Trees- Click on the blue link to learn more
One large tree provides enough oxygen for a family of four
2. The world’s largest tree, by volume, is the General Sherman Sequoia in California
3. Tree shaded surfaces can be 20-45 degrees cooler than area in open, direct sunlight
4. Trees remove pollutants and reduce stormwater runoff
5. Trees provide essential food and shelter for wildlife
6. The oldest trees in the world are more than 5,000 years old
7. Trees communicate with each other and recognize their offspring
8. Trees and plants boost memory, attention, and cognitive outcomes in children

9. Trees help us all feel good both physically and mentally
Forests are carbon sinks and help fight Climate Change
11. Worldwide, a football field sized swath of forest is destroyed every second of every day

Trees do so much for us. What can we do for trees?

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